How to Save 50% on Hotel Booking In 2020


Sight-seeing and travelling to different destinations is the best hobby. Regular travellers and sight-seeing lovers know that the hotel stay encompasses more than half of their travelling budget. Yet, there are some useful ways to save more than 50% on hotel booking in 2020.

Book In Advance

Booking the hotel in advance will get you a lot of discount. Booking last minute always costs on the higher end. Plan for your vacation in advance, look for the destination you want to visit and book 3 or 4 months before you have a plan to visit that place. An advance booking is always surprisingly cost-effective.   

Avoid City Centre

Yeah! That is the real trick to save a lot while you travel. Choose a hotel that is away from the city’s main attractions and you will be shocked how less these hotels offer a night stay for, unlike the main hotels in the city centre which look attractive though but charge a mind boggling money.

Look for Small Hotels

If you are a regular traveller then you must realize that big hotels do not make much difference except robbing you off your money for the ultra-luxurious lifestyle and décor. However, in fact a travelling person just goes to the hotel for spending the night and spends most of the time outdoors enjoying and exploring the place and sight -seeing. So, you can save more than 50% if you choose a small hotel just for night stay.

Book Off Peak

Booking off peak remarkably benefits you in saving money on hotel stay. During the vacation season the rates are soaring high and almost double. However, in off season days hotels try to grab on any guest they can to keep the rooms occupied. So, plan your visit off peak to cut your budget in half.

Look for Suites if with Family

Double rooms with a family and friends cost a lot. It is advisable to book a suite as one suite usually accommodates 6 persons. While on the other hand, booking 3 double bedrooms will cost 100% more than 1 suite.

Evade Event Days

When there are special events in the city you plan to visit like sports event, tournaments, festivals, carnivals, special events and galas, just skip these days off your visit list. Hotels are mostly occupied during these events and they charge really high during special days. You will find a real contrast in prices during regular days in comparison to special events in the city.

No Breakfast

Most hotels offer complimentary breakfasts but just say No to these and ask for the price without breakfast included. Most of the hotel offered breakfasts have no value for money, therefore buy a breakfast from outside half the price lesser than the hotel price.

Follow these instructions and you will be thankful later for making you save a significant amount and making your travelling arrangements convenient for you.

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