Cyprus Citizenship / Residency by investment

Cyprus citizenship by investment programs for investors and their families.
Live and work in the EU


In an effort to boost Cyprus economy, Cyprus government is offering foreign nationals investment programs, which may lead to Cyprus permanent residency and/or Cyprus citizen ship.

The Cypriot passport is similar to any other EU country passport, same as Germany, France. In addition, Cyprus passport holders may live, work or study in any country belonging to the European Union

Applicants are not required to live continuously in Cyprus before or after citizenship approval.

Visa free travel

Cyprus citizenship (EU citizenship) offers full European Union benefits, including visa-free travel across the "Schengen Area" of the European Union as well as access to many non-EU countries.


A better quality of life for the family

Cyprus is a safe country that enjoys a low cost of living index. The country has long been a vacation spot for Europeans and high net worth individuals who flock to the island for its sunny and warm climate year-round. Cyprus offers a modern infrastructure ranging from reliable phone and internet service to secure banking to well-established air and sea routes connecting the island to the European mainland and international destinations.

Permanent residency can be obtained through an investment in real estate with minimum market value of EUR 300,000 + VAT

Cyprus citizenship, i.e. the European passport, is available to qualified investors who may select from several investment options, the lowest of which requires an investment of EUR 2,0 million + VAT. The Cyprus government approves applications as quickly as 90 to 180 days (3-6 months). 




Benefits from investment in Cyprus:  

  1. Qualify for Cyprus – EU Citizenship and passport (single application for all Family)

  2. Have a luxury residency in a beautiful residency area

  3. No tax consequence unless you spend more 183 days in one calendar year.

  4. Visa free to 157 countries

  5. Valid for life and passed on to new generations

  6. Dual citizenship is accepted and not reported to other countries.

  7. Applies for all nationalities

  8. No requirements to physically reside in Cyprus before or afterobtaining the citizenship

  9. Cypriot citizen enjoy the freedom to live, work, study, travel or establish a business through Europe.

  10. No Restriction on movement of capital from any EU member state to another.

  11. No local language and history tests

  12. No inheritance tax, allowing for long-term tax planning

  13. No Government donation, unlike other citizenship programs

  14. Excellent rental yields on Real Estate investment