Best Ski Resorts in Europe in 2020

Winter season is here and it is the season when ski lovers await all year to go to their favourite skiing spots in the world. The mountain range of Europe is filled with various ski mountains that are great for skiing. The ski spots in Europe contain top snow filled mountains for experienced and skilled skiers as well as low mountains where kids and armatures can have fun with skiing. There is world’s best ski resorts found in Europe. Here is the list of some best ski resorts to visit in 2020.

1-Skigebiet Garmisch-Classic Zugspitze, Germany

Zugspitez has it world over popularity because of the highest skiing mountain in Germany. There is a mesmerizing town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in its base. The resort is filled with the luxurious living style. The ski area is spread over 40 kilometres and there are endless trails for skiing. There is also a club for kids where kids can learn skiing and also do skating. The views from the resort of the snow filled mountains are magical.

2. Kleine Scheidegg Ski Resort, Switzerland

 Switzerland is known for its natural beauty and white fur filled mountains. Ski lovers get to the ski terrains of Switzerland during winter vacations to Wengen and Jungfrau. Klein Ski Resort offers all kind of facilities to its guests and provides ample activities of skiing to its guests. Amateur skiing competition is held every year in Schilthorn known as Inferno Race.

3- Courchevel, France

It is the largest ski resort in Europe. Around 150 kilometers of skiing area around this area surrounds Les Trois Vallées the three valleys. These skiing areas are very safe for kids and chairlifts are free for the beginners with a magnetic vest for safety. The ski area is properly groomed for the skiers. Five village areas provide good ski terrain for beginners.

4- Troodos Sqaure, Cyprus

Troodos Square is a well-equipped ski resort on Troodos. It is the nearest resort from the ski club in Cyprus. This resort has two hotels and there is a big shopping area where all items can be bought. Great Troodos Mountain offers immense opportunities for the skiers. The mesmerizing beauty of this resort is enough to tantalize any ski lover to call travel agent in Cyprus.

5- Val Gredana , Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

Situated on the five ragged peaks of Cinque Torri Val Gredana is the famous ski resort in Cortina d’Ampezzo.It is a heaven for skiers where cable cars and interconnected network of ski terrains welcome skiers from all over the world. There are many towns around and this area is registered as UNESCO world heritage site. 

6- Le Morgane Chemonix France

Placed on Europe’s tallest peak Mont Blanc, Le Morgane Hotel provide the contemporary style setting to the tourists. Chamonix has a beautiful Alpine village. There are skiing trails for the experts on The Verte and also for the beginners on Brevent. There are facilities available for ski training and classes.

7- Hotel L'Aigle des Neiges, Val d'Isere, France

This ski resort has a huge area of 3,000 meters for skiing. There are 150 ski lifts around this area. The season here continues until May. The hotel got all the luxuries of a modern resort Spa and steam bath are available and French cuisine is served in its restaurant, French setting of this resort attract the guests to come again and again to this resort.

The season has just started in Europe for skiing in 2020. Get yourself booked by your travel agent at your earliest to book you ticket to one of these exciting ski resorts in Europe.