B2B & B2C White Label

Online travel business  ready in 3 weeks


This solution is the perfect way to optimize your travel business and function as a full online travel agency that can grant access for B2B, B2C and corporate clients'. Your travel website can be customized to meet your clients needs. No need to risk your time and money for the development, integration and support, the world's bigges suppliers are integrated and given to you the best offers, so you do not need to contact each one of them separately.


  •  Ready in THREE week
  •  100% Online Booking Engine
  •  Customized of YOUR choice, name and brand
  •  Automatic issue of tickets, voiding and cancellation
  •  Best rates on all 200+ global suppliers
  • Easy and user friendly Back Office
  •  B2B and B2C settings
  •  Newsletters functionality in the platform
  • Support 24/7 for the bookings vial live chat

In your Back Office you can create web pages for your website, set up your mark-up in the pricing settings, add more than one currency, determine different payment methods, divide your buyers into different groups and define different terms and conditions for each of them, create the design for your voucher, give all members of your team an access to the system and determine different user access level for each of them, monitor SEO, analyze the entire business per day, week, month, and year, give bonuses for the successful bookings, track all your finance and even more.