6 Tips for Saving On Summer Travel Airfare


Summer vacation is the time when everyone is ready to depart to their desired vacation destination. The flights are busy during summer vacations and the fares are quite higher than the normal fare. Even with a single person travelling the ticket becomes really costly and the ones with the family have to pay loads to enjoy their vacations. The airfare covers most of the vacation expense. However, if planned wisely hundreds of dollars can be saved on the air tickets. Here are 6 tips to get on your vacation with inexpensive tickets.

  1. Book Ahead

Planning for the vacation ahead can be helpful for you to save your money on airfare. Advance flight booking rates are way cheaper than the booking a week o days before your departure. If it is convenient for you plan and book for your tickets at least three months before. Decide for the destination you want to visit and book in advance as there will be very less people booking for the flights months ahead and you can easily score cheaper flights. During the season the flights schedule becomes really busy as everyone is trying to get the international ticket at the last moment. The airfare gets crazily high and even there are no seats available at that time. Therefore, booking two or three months before your actual summer trip, can save you a lot of money.

  1. Select the OFF Peak Days

Opting for the flights on busy days and weekends will increase the travelling rates of the airfare to a significant deal. The flights scheduled on weekends or near weekends are pricier than the early week flights. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are considered less busy flight days. There are very few passengers travelling on these days, this is why the flight rates are substantially lower than the other days. So be flexible in your days and choose the flights early in the week and get noteworthy best flight deals for your summer travel. 

3-Go Direct To Consolidators

Air tickets consolidators buy the flight reservation in bulk and then sale the tickets to the travel agency and online travel agents. These consolidators are just like wholesale dealers who sell the tickets by getting profits on it. Travel agents also get their share on it and the price of the airfare gets extremely high in result. However, you can bypass the travel agency and contact the consolidator yourself to get cheaper tickets. You will be surprised to find out how low the tickets are when you get it from consolidators.

4-Choose Flexible Dates

Whenever you plan for your summer vacations online just select flexible dates. By checking flexible date options you will get the overview of all the flights during the week and month you are planning for your summer vacation. The airfare significantly fluctuates during the days, time of the day and dates. Flexible dates will allow you to select the cheapest flights and if you are with your family the collective saving will be really high.   

5-Use Layover Flights

Direct flights are always expensive than the flights with longer routes and layovers. You might find connecting flights to be hectic and exhausting but this totally worth it if you are going to save hundreds in regard to air ticket. The less busy airlines offer fare in cheap prices. The connecting flights take longer but a little hassle can save you a lot of money. The plus point is that you can visit different airports around the globe.

6- Compare through Different Websites

There are several websites online that offer great deals for the air travellers. So, when you are searching for the cheapest flight to reach your summer vacation destination visit multiple sites and see what each has to offer regarding your desired destination. The competition among the websites is really high during summer vacations and they are trying to offer the best deal to attract customers. Compare and contrast before getting to a decision to buy. You will surly shed some serious hundreds of dollars through this.

The bottom line is that your summer vacations just not need to rob you off your bank account. You can save some serious money by following these six major tips regarding your airfare.

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